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Is yoga for everybody? Disrupting the yoga industry with Aisha Nash

August 5, 2021

As yoga teachers, are we reinforcing unhealthy ideals without realizing it? Can yoga be not just for everybody, but every body? How do we make yoga more inclusive and offer ways for people (including you as a teacher!) to show up as themselves? 

We dive into this and so much more with London-based yoga teacher, Aisha Nash. Aisha teaches an anti-diet approach to yoga which not only looks at how harmful the diet and wellness industries can be but also how it shows up in mainstream yoga classes. You'll get so many new ideas and perspectives from this conversation that you'll be able to immediately apply to your classes and lots more ideas to think about and unpack... in the best possible way. 

Aisha is an alumni of our Heart + Bones, Modern Yoga Teacher Training course. Season 2 of the podcast is all about sharing and highlighting our global community of teachers who have specific niches and are changing the paradigm of teaching yoga in our modern world. 


About Aisha Nash:

All her life, Aisha Nash has been fascinated by the human body, anatomy and what it means to be well - she takes this curiosity into every Yoga class she teaches. At the age of 19, she studied for her degree in Biology, and then trained to be a pastry chef - you would've had to be there to connect the dots.

After a few years of the high stress environment that is London-based Michelin-starred kitchens, Aisha burnt out, and left. Her body was physically wrecked and still carries whispers of the pain that was so bad she left her dream job.

Knowing about Yoga her entire life, she went back to its ancient wisdom, and rehabilitated not just her body, but also her mind, using the physical practise to provide gentle movement for her body and the philosophy to restart her life.

This then led her down the rabbit hole that Yoga teacher training tends to be. She took her first one in March 2016, and has completed a further 10 since, specialising in Trauma informed Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness.

Now coming up to being a teacher for 5 years, she teaches a Yoga approach that is loosely based on the framework of Intuitive Movement, that focuses primarily on the philosophical tenets of Yoga, and is free from any influence of Diet Culture.


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